Dead Space 3 - 2013/Multi2/Repack by VANSIK

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Dead Space 3 - 2013/Multi2/Repack by VANSIK

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Dead Space 3 - 2013/Multi2/Repack by VANSIK
2013 | PC | Developer: Visceral Games Publisher: Electronic Arts | 4.21GB
Language: Russian, English | Voice set Language: English
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person

In Dead Space 3 Isaac Clark and ruthless soldier John Carver will go away into space to find the source of Necromorph invasion. Make an emergency landing on a snowy planet, Isaac has to overcome harsh environments in search of resources and parts for weapons. In order to survive, will have to use all their engineering skills.

On a cold planet hidden answer - do away with Necromorphs, but you have to resist the avalanche, climbing icy cliffs and adapt to other worlds. Faced with fierce creatures evolved, Isaac can work together to survive and to save mankind from the apocalypse.

Shoulder to shoulder. Complete storyline campaign alone or in a team with a partner - in each case its interesting nuances.
The time factor. Join a network game and leave it literally "on the fly."
Icy hell. Examine hostile planet and try to survive in its extremely harsh conditions.
On the trail of the past. Locate underground cities and deserted settlements, keeping many secrets.
In the name of life. Discover where are horrible Necromorphs, and save humanity from destruction.

Features RePack:
• Nothing is converted / not cut
• Installation time ~ 10-12 minutes

System requirements:
v System: Windows ® XP / Windows Vista ® / Windows ® 7/8
v Processor: 2.8 GHz
v Memory: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista / 7)
v Video: 256 MB with support Shader Model 3.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 6800/ATI X1600 Pro)
v Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0
v Hard drive: 10 GB minimum plus space for saved games

DOWNLOAD wnm5bnaq/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part04.rar 35virval/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part10.rar h7zoa68m/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part11.rar 4h3krfo0/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part08.rar ncj5b57n/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part07.rar mloioapl/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part05.rar jj2bfa9y/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part09.rar bfpbr193/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part03.rar 634cpg3i/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part06.rar t0rl6y0m/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part02.rar 4veacon8/Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part01.rar

Lumfile: jno8u5tg0xyz Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part01.rar.html oq88hvk1st1q Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part02.rar.html ggmghg1g8wo7 Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part03.rar.html 3zm8cwuvr075 Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part04.rar.html l84yuxxqzava Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part05.rar.html zvjdfwrtkxwt Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part06.rar.html j3d505g54l60 Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part07.rar.html r5vn9slkx5yv Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part08.rar.html w2vtzc620kgt Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part09.rar.html 3bf0wxbnj0h8 Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part10.rar.html f1ce937l8842 Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part11.rar.html

OTEUpload: Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part01.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part02.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part03.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part04.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part05.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part06.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part07.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part08.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part09.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part10.rar.html Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part11.rar.html

Ryushare: Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part01.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part02.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part03.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part04.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part05.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part06.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part07.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part08.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part09.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part10.rar Dead.Space.3.VANSIK.part11.rar

عدد المساهمات : 180
تاريخ التسجيل : 09/02/2011
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