Prototype 2 - 2012/Repack

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Prototype 2 - 2012/Repack

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Prototype 2 - 2012/Repack
Year: 2012 | PC | Developer: Radical Entertainment | Publisher: Activision Publishing | 8.4 GB
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person

Prototype 2 - continuation of the brutal and bloody-selling games developed by Radical Entertainment studio in 2009. The second part of the game continues the story of the transformation of man into the ultimate weapon. Sow chaos and destruction on the city streets with skills that give you the virus. Transform the body of the hero, absorbing many enemies. Use the limitless possibilities of movement to explore the ruins of the New York Zero in search of new experiences. Fight. Kill. Changing. Bring your humanity as a sacrifice for a common goal - to destroy ... ... Alex Mercer!

Bring your humanity as a sacrifice for a common goal - to destroy ... ... Alex Mercer!
Escaped to freedom of the deadly virus has turned the metropolis on the threshold of hell. Divided into the security zone, the city became a huge trap. Part of the military control of the streets, destroying any manifestation of infection. The remaining areas have become a "red zone" - the home of the mutants, mercilessly devouring their victims. Somewhere among the ruined buildings, hiding, Alex Mercer, the main culprit for the spread of the virus. Now go and seek a former sergeant, James Heller, eager to avenge his family, who died in the early days of disaster. Welcome to the New York Zero. Hunting season is open.

"The power of the tentacles: Get ready to unleash an ultimate form of destruction. Vsesokrushayuschaya tentacles Sergeant James Heller will allow you to throw and crush cars and military vehicles, grab the infected monsters and even break off groups of enemies to bloody shreds. Release your inner hell!
"Create a killer: Prototype 2 gives you the opportunity to cross the destructive potential of new mutations and create your own prototype. The rapid movement? Sharp blades? Or even enhanced disguise? The choice is yours!
"Hunt - kill - changed: Now you can track down any enemy with their domestic sonar! Sergeant James Heller adds a new dimension to the universe Prototype, which will allow you to hunt, kill and get anyone who gets in your way. Turn into a soldier, scientist, or anyone, absorb their memories and get new abilities. These opportunities you will not have anywhere else!
"Harness the Devil: Experience the exciting story of Sergeant James Heller, and try to crush the devil himself ... Alex Mercer. The struggle of various factions for control of the infection on a background of the ruins of New York makes Zero Prototype 2 of the most outstanding event in 2012 in the world of video games!
"Size does matter: Thanks to unique technology« Titanium 2.0 », Prototype 2 will surpass the expectations of players from the action with an open world. Witness how the infected monster the size of a whole building krushat streets of the city, while you hover over a whole units well-trained soldiers of the "Black Watch". Prototype 2: more cheeky, better!


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